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My name is Yusuke.
I am traveling across Eurasia visiting organic farmers and places trying out sustainable lifestyle.
Thanks to WWOOF,Couch Surfing,my small saving and the kindness of strangers I can take this long trip,
perhaps four or five years,and share what i learn with you and your friends around the world.

A long, long time ago, the lifestyle in Japan(as perhaps with many other countries) was organic and sustainable. the people who lived then didn’t peruse a sustainable life intentionally, instead their lifestyle itself was originally sustainable.
Farmers from ancient times could do many things like building houses and cutting a trees and making preserved food and of course farming.
I want to be that farmer, the one that lived in times gooney, by traveling and learning in the Eurasia.
It’s a kind of time travel to the past.
I think there is a lot to learn from past,a lot that has been forgotten.

I want to show you my experiences via this blog,Face book,Twitter,Mixi,
together with video and photo whenever possible.
The internet and electricity are not often available but thats nice too.

Come on and feel this groove!!

Yusuke Morita

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