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The new sustainable movement


A round shape farm. I like this kind of sense very much.

Trying to make a sustainable life is not only the topic on the farm.
You have to manage against many restriction
in some case specially in a country like Myanmar.

There are a lot of restriction here in Myanmar
under the military regime as you know.
That’s why i didn’t expect so much that
I could contact some kind of sustainable community
and I wondered even it exist or not too.
But fortunately i could find some people
who are really trying to make a sustainable community
actually under this situation.
Just by chance I could meet some experts of the solar generation

The watering can.

and consulting about sustainable life both from US.
They have already started the project to make a sustainable farm
with local people in the suburb of Yangon.
Although the project just begun and it is still not allowed for foreigner
to stay that village by the restriction i mentioned above,
I was so happy just to meet people
who are trying to do something sustainable things under this terrible situation.
I know mostly sustainable things are not good for business,
Possibly It should be against this capitalism system nowadays based on money.

The democratic party of Aung san suu kyi won a special election Apr 2nd as many people guessed.
But it takes time more the democracy that

Jessy and hand-operated water pump. She is teaching sustainable life in Yagon.

people in Myanmar dreamed about for long time come true.
Even so, I am sure when the democracy comes true is also the time so many company and people will come to get some business chance.
They would take natural resources and their valuable time and almost everything so.

It seems to be like a dark colored man
in my favorite novel ‘Momo’ by Mihael Ende.
What can i do against it?
Maybe just do farming !!

I already miss everybody in there. I am sure to come back someday.

Jim is teaching how to use chicken shit.


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  1. Tomas permalink

    Great stories Yuske, glad to see you are still on the road supporting the green world!


    • Thanks Tomas!
      Yes,I am still on the road.
      I will visit some more sustainable farm in Thai
      then go through Laos and China towards Mongolia.
      I am looking forward to seeing you again!

  2. keh Zer permalink

    Dear Yuske
    I am keh Zer from Myanmar and friend of Bruce. I am wonder when I saw the photo of us and our farm. Thanks for sharing your felling and idea. We hope to meet you again and I hope you could stay at our farm at that time.
    Keh Zer

    • thanks a lot Keh!
      i am so happy in contact with you blog and FB.
      i am always dreaming the day i came back to Myanmer.
      now i am staying China and planing to go Tibet.
      after Tibet i will go Nepal and India.
      uhh…it is never ending trip!!
      hope to see you again!

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