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Bat cave


Hiking up towards the cave. You can see cave as big hole on the wall.

We explored a cave to get excrement(shit) of bat today.
It was like a treasure hunting.
The shit of bat works as a good natural manure.

We hiked up through garlic field and beautiful stream to the cave.
so it was nice hiking as well.
In addition to that it was easy hiking
as there are many steps made by cement to the cave.

Some told me the steps was made by Japanese solider during world war ⅱ.
Athough I thought and imagine many things,
I want to write about it in the other chance.

Anyway the cave was really huge and wonderful.
It was so cool inside and water from there was exellent beautiful.
I saw some bags already was full of the shit when we arrived there.
Maybe it was kept by some local people to use and sell it.

The historical steps.

After playing around the cave for a while we started to take it.
It was not so hard jobs i thought
as it was actually accumulated a lot at front of cave.
We took it back to our farm just like Santa Clause.

Everydays in here is absolutely exciting!

This is the shit of bat !!


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