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Bamboo Cooking


If you have a plenty of bamboo what will you make by it?

Toun cutting bamboo to fit for cooking.
I thought this process was most important today.
of corse i tried some though i don't know i could do enough.

People in Thailand uses bamboo for anything as you know.
They built house and furniture(i’ve saw some bamboo hammock ever),ladder, basket, toys and more.

So we tried to use bamboo for cooking this time.
My friend Toun was my teacher today and tried a boiled chicken together.

First of all we had to choose a fit bamboo for cooking
from many of them around here.
Then cut it as a pipe to put chicken into it.
Everything was done by a small hand axe.

People around jungle can do so many things only with a hand axe.
You can see many people walking around anywhere with traditional clothes and an axe.
Why I can’t do anything despite the fact that I’ve grown up with mountain.

Put everything into this bamboo pipe.

Cooking was also so wild and simple.
Smashed a lot of spices and herbs by a stone mortar
then put everything into bamboo pipe we made
and just wait until finishing boiling by fire.

The preparation was done.

It was amazing experience.
Though it might be sounds easy just to see the process,
it is not so easy if you try actually.
But I am sure it’s gonna be fun.

Just waiting!


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