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Farming surfing was started!


Finally i started to travel for farming surfing the last weekend.
the first destination is Thailand.

although so now a big historical flood invaded a plenty of land in Thailand as you know,
but nothing happened around Kaosan i stay now.
just a bottle of water is disappear from convenience store.
always mostly big media only shoot sensational scene.

i stay Toe’s place here in Bangkok.
this is the place i came for first night in my first trip almost 10 years ago and one of the best guest house as far as i know.
here is such like an shelter because there is no any information in any guide book.

although unfortunately the owner Toe i wanted to see  is traveling Laos for music i expected it.
i just only one time met him here but many times i met him another place that was not Thailand in my last trip.

my next distention was fixed by good connection i got here.
it will be Pai and spend country life.
then i will contact with Nam Khong project that is the one of the organic project close to there.

i can’t stop to be exciting!!

i've walked this alley with anxiety and expectation mind the first night of trip 10 years ago

The entrance

there are always many instruments and musician

You can see many greens anywhere in this guest house.


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