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The new sustainable movement

A round shape farm. I like this kind of sense very much.

Trying to make a sustainable life is not only the topic on the farm.
You have to manage against many restriction
in some case specially in a country like Myanmar.

There are a lot of restriction here in Myanmar
under the military regime as you know.
That’s why i didn’t expect so much that
I could contact some kind of sustainable community
and I wondered even it exist or not too.
But fortunately i could find some people
who are really trying to make a sustainable community
actually under this situation.
Just by chance I could meet some experts of the solar generation

The watering can.

and consulting about sustainable life both from US.
They have already started the project to make a sustainable farm
with local people in the suburb of Yangon.
Although the project just begun and it is still not allowed for foreigner
to stay that village by the restriction i mentioned above,
I was so happy just to meet people
who are trying to do something sustainable things under this terrible situation.
I know mostly sustainable things are not good for business,
Possibly It should be against this capitalism system nowadays based on money.

The democratic party of Aung san suu kyi won a special election Apr 2nd as many people guessed.
But it takes time more the democracy that

Jessy and hand-operated water pump. She is teaching sustainable life in Yagon.

people in Myanmar dreamed about for long time come true.
Even so, I am sure when the democracy comes true is also the time so many company and people will come to get some business chance.
They would take natural resources and their valuable time and almost everything so.

It seems to be like a dark colored man
in my favorite novel ‘Momo’ by Mihael Ende.
What can i do against it?
Maybe just do farming !!

I already miss everybody in there. I am sure to come back someday.

Jim is teaching how to use chicken shit.


The river in Wilderness lodge

The stream is changing everyday.

Though some people came to here says
there is no attraction at all here, It is so many attraction for me.

One of my favorite was this river.

I often swum in this river in hot afternoon
and used it as taking shower.
Sometimes I and Toun tried to catch a shrimp.
One day we also tried to walk along a river
toward the place as far as we can.
This river always makes me being like a child
and I remember my childhood played in the river a lot.

Some part of river is deep enough. You can dive into there

I do hope the river in all over the world gonna be clean like this river.

Bat cave

Hiking up towards the cave. You can see cave as big hole on the wall.

We explored a cave to get excrement(shit) of bat today.
It was like a treasure hunting.
The shit of bat works as a good natural manure.

We hiked up through garlic field and beautiful stream to the cave.
so it was nice hiking as well.
In addition to that it was easy hiking
as there are many steps made by cement to the cave.

Some told me the steps was made by Japanese solider during world war ⅱ.
Athough I thought and imagine many things,
I want to write about it in the other chance.

Anyway the cave was really huge and wonderful.
It was so cool inside and water from there was exellent beautiful.
I saw some bags already was full of the shit when we arrived there.
Maybe it was kept by some local people to use and sell it.

The historical steps.

After playing around the cave for a while we started to take it.
It was not so hard jobs i thought
as it was actually accumulated a lot at front of cave.
We took it back to our farm just like Santa Clause.

Everydays in here is absolutely exciting!

This is the shit of bat !!

Bamboo Cooking

If you have a plenty of bamboo what will you make by it?

Toun cutting bamboo to fit for cooking.
I thought this process was most important today.
of corse i tried some though i don't know i could do enough.

People in Thailand uses bamboo for anything as you know.
They built house and furniture(i’ve saw some bamboo hammock ever),ladder, basket, toys and more.

So we tried to use bamboo for cooking this time.
My friend Toun was my teacher today and tried a boiled chicken together.

First of all we had to choose a fit bamboo for cooking
from many of them around here.
Then cut it as a pipe to put chicken into it.
Everything was done by a small hand axe.

People around jungle can do so many things only with a hand axe.
You can see many people walking around anywhere with traditional clothes and an axe.
Why I can’t do anything despite the fact that I’ve grown up with mountain.

Put everything into this bamboo pipe.

Cooking was also so wild and simple.
Smashed a lot of spices and herbs by a stone mortar
then put everything into bamboo pipe we made
and just wait until finishing boiling by fire.

The preparation was done.

It was amazing experience.
Though it might be sounds easy just to see the process,
it is not so easy if you try actually.
But I am sure it’s gonna be fun.

Just waiting!

A village of Lafu tribe

One day I visited Lafu village close to our lodge.

These are source for flute. Beer chang also can be a part of flute !

Their bamboo lodge is so shining a lot.

Lafu is one of the tribe who have lived around south east China,Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam, and Thailand.
Specially there are many ethnic minority living around here in Nam khong.

Lafu people are famous as an expert to make a traditional flute.
A lot of family stay tougher in same big bamboo bungalow
and you can hear many kind of sound anywhere around bungalow.
Some sounds are a noise by making flute, some are by checking it,
and also just by playing somewhere.

I like craftsman’s face. It’s so gentle and strong.

This sounds it possibly have not changed from long long time ago
makes me feel like a time trip to that times.


This is a exactly things what I don’t want any change.

Effective Microorganisms

Do you know something about Effective Microorganisms(EM)?

Making EM by drum.

I’ve heard about and saw some in Japan but didn’t know much.
It is kind of a symbiont of the microbe mainly composed of  a lactic acid bacterium, yeast and photosynthetic bacterias from nature.

Once you spread it to the soil, it helps to improve character of the soil and make good circuration. it actually changes circulation by oxidation decomposition to biological one.

Soil in here north part of Thailand is really poor.
You can see red huge red field anywhere around here and it means the soil is too much oxidation.
So sometimes we make EM and spread it to the garden.

I put many organic stuff into big drum and blended it earnestly for about an hour.
I adjusted amount of EM to spread it to each plants in this huge garden.
I am looking forward to seeing result.

The plants grown up on the red soil. I started feel so lovely about these plants

Nam Khong Wildernesslodge

Nursery garden in lodge

It took 1 month or more to arrive here Nam khong wilderness lodge that was my first destination on this trip.

because i sank little bit with chang beer after arriving Thailand at once.

when i started to think about this trip i have no idea where i should go at all.
one day just few month before i left Japan one of my friends who also have a many experience to learn permaculture told me about here.
at that time i felt it gonna be best place for the beginning of this trip by intuition.
in fact i convinced it immediately when i arrived here.
there are great landscape and beautiful water down from lodge and huge farm in front of that.

Actually this place had worked as a kind of resort for almost 20 years,
but now a man named Zsolt originally from Hungary look after and try farming since 3 years ago.
the most amazing things in here for me was his character.
he is so gentle and has a great compassion and sense of humor as well.
i feel always same kind of feeling from the person are living with touching nature.

Any way I want to experience everything in here as much as i can.

A deck for hand craft. so many things you need here is possible to create and repair here by hand.

He is the man Zsolt Szalay!

Farming surfing was started!

Finally i started to travel for farming surfing the last weekend.
the first destination is Thailand.

although so now a big historical flood invaded a plenty of land in Thailand as you know,
but nothing happened around Kaosan i stay now.
just a bottle of water is disappear from convenience store.
always mostly big media only shoot sensational scene.

i stay Toe’s place here in Bangkok.
this is the place i came for first night in my first trip almost 10 years ago and one of the best guest house as far as i know.
here is such like an shelter because there is no any information in any guide book.

although unfortunately the owner Toe i wanted to see  is traveling Laos for music i expected it.
i just only one time met him here but many times i met him another place that was not Thailand in my last trip.

my next distention was fixed by good connection i got here.
it will be Pai and spend country life.
then i will contact with Nam Khong project that is the one of the organic project close to there.

i can’t stop to be exciting!!

i've walked this alley with anxiety and expectation mind the first night of trip 10 years ago

The entrance

there are always many instruments and musician

You can see many greens anywhere in this guest house.

The days in Sun meadows

i came back here Matsumoto from mountain in Kiyosato.
i couldn’t imagine that it took so long days because i’d just think i help to work in a skiing ground only for few

it was so beautiful days i’ve spend in a mountain lodge in japanese northern alps almost 10 years ago.

Mt.Akadake from the bottom of slope

i worked in a restaurant there.
the first job in the every morning is to wipe a morning dew on the couch.
sometimes Mt.Akadake looks like totally red by sun shining.

when some visitor asked me about salary there,
i  could reply same answer that i used in a mountain lodge before to them, ‘my salary is the glow of the sun rise’.


by spending this kind of days,
finally the departure day to flight to Thailand was fixed.
it will be 5th Nov.i can’t stop to be excited so much!!


i play guitar sometimes in this box.

Matsumoto Bon Bon 2011

Matsumoto Bon Bon is a local dance festival in my home town Matsumoto.
the last time i’d joined was 10 years ago.
i was planning to climb the northern alps but it was cancelled because of possibility of rain just by chance.
thanks for that and being organized one team for this festival by my friend Charles i could join it this time.
i really remembered so much this time.

though mostly people joined the same team was the first time i met we made good cooperation so soon.
i felt to enjoy this kind of festival is better participating than observing.
maybe i will miss this festival somewhere in Eurasia next year.